Welcome to MiBase Online

Powerful Features

Automatic email and sms reminders, intuitive and easy to use roster and reservation systems. Party Pack Hire Read More

No internet, no problem

Popular Mibase desktop version is still available! Read More

Low Data Usage,  Fast and Secure

Mibase runs from a dedicated self-managed server provided by Digital Pacific, an Australian base hosting company. The server is located in their high tech Sydney data center. The Database is “looked after” by mibase, the server is just for Toy Libraries.

Ideal for mobile or expensive data plans, use the Library Smart Phone to hotspot to the internet.

Low Running costs

At $1 per active member  per year (borrows at least 3 times in that year)  or 0.25 cents per quarter, it is one of the best and cheapest online systems for Toy Libraries.

With MiBase you get more for less!

for Mibase pricing structure click here

Customized Mibase to suit your Toy Library

When you use Mibase cloud you get your own sub-domain, your own database, your own reports folder and image folder, custom bag label and over 200 reports to choose from, including the favourite Toy Usage Statistics, Popular and Unpopular Toys.


There are no extra charges for support, when you pay for hosting you pay for support.

Multi-Level Access

With 4 levels of access, Admin, Volunteer, Member and Public your Library can keep all your sensitive information safe. Read more..

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