Welcome to the Mibase Website

With over 18 years experience writing software for Toy Libraries, MiBase has introduced a new online Library management system that provides access to your library information from your computer, tablet or phone any where any time. Introduced to a small number of Toy Libraries just over a year ago, it is now used by more than 70 libraries in Australia and New Zeeland. The ever popular Desktop version is still used by more than 300 Libraries.

mobileMibase is optimised for slow or low data limit connections such as a mobile phone hotspot. All pictures are re-sized overnight to reduce data usage. Mibase has been shown to be easily implemented with a 12GB annual pre-paid modem.

The Costs of Mibase are outlined here, see table of costs.

If the cloud version does not work for you, eg your connection is unreliable and in a “black-spot” then there is the option to downgrade to Mibase desktop version 8 at no extra cost.

The ongoing cost of hosting your database is approximately $1 per member per year. (capped for smaller Toy Libraries). Our aim is to provide this Software as a service to even the smallest Toy Library but still have the server performance to handle the largest and multi-site Toy Libraries eg (Frankston – with over 1000 active members, Moonee Valley over 500 in 2 locations, Tea Tree Gully over 800).

Mibase runs from a dedicated self-managed server provided by Digital Pacific, an Australian base hosting company. The server is located in their high tech Sydney data center. The Database is “looked after” by mibase.

overdueMibase is written using the industrial standard PHP on Apache. We have a flexible framework structure which allows for custom reports and custom code to suit all variations of fines, rent, reports, roster duty levies and membership calculations. We have developed an automated implementation system that means your library can be up and running in a couple of days from receiving your data from a mibase desktop system, Libratu, Excel Spreadsheet or Bookmark.

When you use Mibase cloud you get your own sub-domain, your own database, custom bag label and over 100 reports to choose from, including the favourite Toy Usage Statistics, Popular and Unpopular Toys. Have a look at some sample bag labels here

Multi- Access Levels

LoginWith 4 levels of access, Admin, Volunteer, Member and Public your Library can keep all your sensitive information safe.

  • Public section – provides a website for your library if required, allows non-members to sign up online (admin persons approves the members)
  • member access – allows members to view their loans, reservations, roster,  request a roster. View and search the online toy catalog. Formatted for both a computer and a mobile phone.
  • Admin Access – secure login, custom bag label  and custom reports are integrated seamlessly into the software.
    • User can update / edit the public and member websites.
    • Toys, members, rosters, reservations are all manged online through a browser (firefox, safari or Google Chrome).
    • Upload shared files e.g. Library newsletter
    • Bulk emailing from within mibase
    • Export data with one click to excel, pdf or word.
    • search members and toys with keyword search and select boxes (category, age and member type) – very similar to the desktop version)
  • Volunteer Access – Keep your sensitive information private with a volunteer login. All member and child information is limited to name and number only. Loan, return and update toy information in this section.

memberMembers can view their loans, reservations, browse the catalogue and even put themselves on the duty roster!

These functions are optimized for phones, so you members can keep up to date any time.

New members can browse the catalogue before signing up.

Mibase is packed full of features: eg

  • A fully functional Roster system,
  • A multi-tiered Stock take system
  • Reservation systems including reserves on your Party Pack or most popular toys
  • Easy input Alerts and Missing parts,
  • Automated processes run every night to send out your custom overdue notices, roster reminders and membership expiry reminders.
  • Bulk Email with filtering to all members with attachments.

Navigation on the site is well planed and efficient. Most features are easily and efficiently accessed from the loans page, which is the “engine” of the system.

The functionality is better than the desktop versions, I have tried to incorporate most of the user friendly aspects of the desktop solution to provide for the speedy processing of loans.

If you would like to login to the demo library please contact me via the online form, providing library name and registration number.  click here


No installation of Software (except Browser) or networking of computers is required, Mibase Online is Accessed through your browser and works best with Firefox or Google Chrome. It can be used simultaneously on multiple devices.


Fast loading pages with low data usage, suits mobile data plans.

Mibase Server

  • Dedicated self-managed Dedicated Server  with a large Australian provider
  • All html pages are written from scratch, no automatic generation software used to create pages.
  • All images are re-sized to 10kb to limit load time
  • Toys per page initially limited to 100 records
  • Automatic backup every night,  also backed up to dropbox.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode enabled, use your scanner to loan, return or search for toys.

I love the cloud version and I think you will to. Contact me and you can try out the demo system to get a better understanding of the features and performance of the system.