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DSC03597-150x150Throw away member and loan cards, a new reliable easy to use Library System. Specifically designed for toy libraries. Used in over 300 Toy Libraries in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Roster Secretary: Complete your roster in an hour with customized roster reports.

Toy Buyer: buy popular toys with the aid of toy usage statistics. Print customized bag labels with toy number, category, barcode and content details. Toy category and item listing reports. Manufactures / Suppliers details/listing.

Members: Fewer duty days. Fewer people can handle the same throughput of members. Item reservation. Make your own loan cards complete with member barcode.

Treasurer: Databases of toys and Current Inventory value. Automatically calculates and enters into member Statements, Overdue fines , Rental and payments.

Toy Repairer: Missing pieces register, spare and broken pieces.

Secretary: Database of members and their children. Mailing Labels and membership Reports.

Committee: Stock take processing made easy. Item locking.

Fast access to all Toy and Member Information, including Search facilities and historical information – Track past and present borrowing data.

Stock Take and Reservations module. Change Return date period for Holidays.

Barcodes: (optional at no extra cost) fully integrated, no additional software required, prints the item barcodes on the bag label or on C33 mailing labels.DSC03604-150x150

Successfully developed and Implemented in association with the Hampton Toy Library (over 200 members) software has been in operation since 1996. Upgraded Feb. 2003.

 Mibase is available in both desktop and Online versions.